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KV-2 deus vult edition

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Mod version 1.0 Game version
Added: Apr, 11
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this mod replaces the KV-2 skin with a skin inspired by the deus vult meme

it was made for a friend, but sinde it took me about 20 hours of work to do it, i decided to upload it for everyone to enjoy

if there is a bug with the mod (some part being the wrong color, etc), please tell me in the comments below, so i can edit it.

Installation Guide

  1. download the mod
  2. locate your game folder (usually C:/Games/World_of_Tanks)
  3. put the downloaded file into your mods/ folder
  4. Launch the game
  5. check in your hangar before going in battle (in case of game crash)
  6. in case of game crash, shame on me and you can hit me :)
  7. if the hangar check went well, head for the battle and enjoy
  8. leave feedback here in the comments :)

Change log

  • 1.0
    initial release


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