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Gufo_Tave's M24 Chaffee, 132th Armoured brigade "Ariete"

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Added: Apr, 4
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Skin for M24 Chaffee Light tank

After the WWII end, Italy received many vehicles from US, to rebuild his Army.
Initially, these vehicles were US Army remnants, too expensive to rempatriate. One of these tanks is this Chaffee, with the 132th Armoured brigade “Ariete” markings.

This is a remake of a skin painted for the old 3D model of the M24.

Installation Guide

This skin needs to erase original decals. Included in the archive there is a blanck US star, but you can choose other way to obtain the same result.


-unpack to …res_mods\


Just erase the archive’s content


This skin is intended only for personal use. Is forbidden redistribution on other sites without my consensus.


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