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Gufo_Tave's Leopard 1, 132nd tank Regiment "Ariete", Italian Army

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Added: Apr, 1
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Leopard 1 was one of Italian army backbone starting the seventies until the nineties, with his replacement by the C1-Ariete.
The Leopard 1A2I, produced in Italy (under licence), were recognizable thanks to the ice pads, stored in the front glacis (when not used).

This skin reproduce a Leopard 1 from the 4th tank company “Bir Hakeim”, 132nd tank Regiment “Ariete”.

In case you wonder what those “X” on the frontal glacis are… well, there are an attempt to draw the ice pads, nothing else.


This skin is intended only for personal use. Is forbidden redistribution on other sites without my consensus.

Installation Guide

This skin needs to erase original decals. Included in the archive there is a blanck German Cross, but you can choose other way to obtain the same result.


-unpack to …res_mods\


Just erase the archive’s content


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