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Gufo_Tave's Panther Ausf F, Pz-Regiment 31, 5. Pz-Division, October 1944

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Mod version 1.0 Game version
Added: Mar, 31
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Skin for Panther Ausf F (aka Panther mit 8.8) medium tank

This skin is inspired by a real Panther of Pz-Regiment 31, 5. Pz-Division, October 1944. The only difference (apart the fact that the real tank was an Ausf G) is the camo pattern, that is an “ambush” camo, instead of the disk pattern used by the real Panther.

Installation Guide

This skin needs to erase original decals. Included in the archive there is a blanck German Cross, but you can choose other way to obtain the same result.


-unpack to …res_mods\


Just erase the archive’s content


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