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Bertuhan's VK100.01P Anime Skin - Team RWBY (+Pyrrha) - RWBY

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Was updated: Apr, 5
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This skin changes the way your VK100.01P looks. The skin contains images from the RWBY team (+Pyrrha) from the animation series RWBY. The file contains 2 versions, one with text from the RWBY soundtrack and one without (because I thought some might find it too much).

Installation Guide

Unpack the .rar-file. Choose which version you want (with or without RWBY soundtrack text) and copy the map that is inside that folder (which is named ‘G115_Typ_205_4_Jun’).
Then you paste this map at the following location: “your wot folder/res_mods/current version/vehicles/german”. If the maps “vehicles” and “german” don’t exist, just create them yourself.
When you reload the tank in game now, you should be able to see the skin.
I hope you enjoy!

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