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Sgt_Krollnikow51's Skin for "T-44-100" russian medium Premium Tank !

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Mod version 1.2 Game version
Was updated: Apr, 5
Downloads: 37


My skin gives the russian medium Premium Tank “T-44_100”
color and markings of a tank from the 6th. Guards Tank Brigade of the
7th.Tank Korps.
Skin comes with reworked AO.dds files to disable any Premium Camo on the tank to avoid any issues with my skin colors.

Installation Guide

Unpack the .rare file and copy the “res_mods” folder to
C:\Games\World of Tanks and restart the game.
After a new patch just rename the versions folder, that’s it.
If you encounter any bugs with my skin, just report it here and
I shall fix it quickly.
If you like my skins, just give me a “Like” ;)

Change log

  • 1.2
    works with version
  • 1.1
    update for version
  • 1.0
    works with 1.0.0


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