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Auto Equip Mod

Author: OldSkool | Mod updated: Dec, 19 | Game version: | Mod version: 16
Downloads: 6.27 K
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Simple Mod to automatically mount and demount removable devices on vehicles.

Equipment from the previous vehicle will be mounted after battle on the next vehicle.

How does it work?

  1. Put your equipment on the desired tank and play a battle.
  2. Now equip the second tank and play another battle.
  3. Repeat as often as you need. (config will be saved!)

Make sure the tank isnt in a battle when you switch between them.

(Binoculars, Toolbox and Camonet)

Installation Guide

Extract the archive to your World of Tanks installation directory.
Setup the Equipment on the tanks you want to use them.

Change Log

  • 16
  • 15
    WoT 1.2.0
  • 14
  • 13
    WoT 1.1.0
  • 12
  • 11
  • 10
    Updated for WoT
  • 9
    Updated Folder Structure
  • 8
    Updated for WoT
  • 7
    Repacked for WoT
  • 5
    - Critical Bug Fix
  • 4
    - Save Configs for multiple Accounts - Changed Save Location - Optimized Code Please reconfigurate AutoEquip!
  • 3
    Updated for WoT
  • 2
    - Fixed Import Bug - Removed System Message
  • 1
    First Release


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