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OfflineMode Launcher

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Mod version 1.0.0 Game version
Was updated: Mar, 31
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This mod can Watching maps on Offline.
How to use:
How to Use this Mod
1.Click the MOD list in the lower right corner of the login screen
2.Click on item OfflineMode Launcher
-> Launcher window opens
3.Select a map
4.Click the Load button
-> The map will load
5.Press the F key

About key operation:
WSAD: move camera
Numpad +/-: adjust FOV
Mouse Wheel: adjust speed
Escape: toggle mouse mode
F: toggle camera freeze mode
R: add new camera view point
0-7: change camera view point
N: move to previous camera view point
M: move to next camera view point
P: toggle post-precessing
C: toggle cinematic post-processing mode
T: toggle temporal AA
END:quit game
Contact:Twitter @alphasave1
Special Thanks : @chirimenspiral , koreanrandom’s MODders

Only Works From Login Screen

Installation Guide

Copy content of downloaded archive into game folder, confirm the replacement of files.

Change log

  • 1.0.0
    Update Directory
  • 1.0.0
    1.0.0 Support New Engine,Added ScreenShot Function


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