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Nonna's IS-2 Berlin, as seen in the Girls und Panzer Anime, winter version

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Mod version 1.1.1 Game version
Was updated: Mar, 30
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IS-2 Berlin reskin based on Nonna’s IS-2 model 1944, from Girls und Panzer

This is it’s form from the series, when it was painted white, used by Pravda during the semifinals match against Ooarai, where it knocked out the most tanks during the match

Olive drab version coming up next


It’s illegal to monetise this stuff because Girls und Panzer is copyrighted and belongs to Girls und Panzer Projekt

Download and use only for non profit purposes

Installation Guide

Download the zip file, extract the folder called “vehicles” inside and add it to here:


if you alredy have an existing “vehicles” and “russian” folder, open the mod and extract the file “R71_IS_2_Berlin” to the “russian” folder you alredy have

Change log

  • 1.1.1
    seems like the models are still compatible


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